* A Message From the Club’s President

We are Coming to another Year end of Growth and Success, I Would like to say, Thank you , to all who have helped make that happen.  Another Thank you for the club members who are participating in the political process by serving the club and those who have helped on work days or other events.  You Folks have made this success possible.

We have elections coming up and we have one or two opening if anyone would like to come join the ranks of Club Officer please contact myself or Steve Verdi.    

We have another Fun and great year planned for 2015 with more Training and special events planned.  If there is something any member would like to add to calendar please contact us about your idea or event.

Now to address some not so positive participation numbers, This year our membership has increased to over 400 members and we only issued less than 70 work certificate’s for 2015. Although we instituted a Work fee for two reasons, The first was to gain more involvement from club members, we fell short of this Goal. The Second was for Range improvement’s, which we have done very well. I hope to see us increase our member precipitation for a 2015.
We need help in all areas of experience from administrative, Range Officers , Club Officers, maintenance and many other odd jobs that can be done anytime throughout the year.  We need Volunteer’s, OUR Club’s future depends on it’s owners, which it is the members themselves.

Thank you, Have a Fun, Safe and Healthy 2015. 
                                        Kenneth Paul
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