Club Activities and Events

There are some regularly scheduled activities at the club which, unless otherwise posted on the club website or electronic postings, Scatter Sheet newsletter, or e-mailings;  are planned according to the following formulas:

Regularly Occurring Events:

1st Saturdays ~ Club Work Days, 9 AM til
2nd Saturdays ~ Practical Rifle Shoots on the Eagle’s Range, 9 AM til 1 PM
3rd Saturdays ~ Range Safety Training for new members, 9 AM til Noon
Last Sundays of the month, April through October ~ Club Pistol Shoots on the Eagle’s Range
Tuesday nights all year, Trap Shooting, 5:30-9 PM, open to the public
Tuesday nights during the Summer, Ultimate Pistol on Steel Targets shoot, 5:30-9 PM,  $15
2nd Wednesdays ~ SCOPE, Wayne County Chapter Meeting
3rd Thursdays ~ On alternating months:  General membership Meetings (open to the public) and Board of Directors Meetings (officers & directors only), 7:30 PM at the club house

The club makes every effort possible to keep an accurate calendar on the club web site as well as at the clubhouse on the bulletin board and in the club’s Scatter Sheet newsletter.  Activity vendors and event planners are strongly encouraged to keep in close contact with club leadership regarding scheduling and changes in any details relating to the planning of events and activities at the club and members are strongly encouraged to utilize all the communications methods in order to stay apprised of possible changes in scheduling.

The club calendar is a Google Calendar and is shared to the public and offers many features which facilitate staying informed about activities and events at the club, and can be viewed at the following link:

Scheduling matters and updates can be communicated to the club web manager at:


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