Membership Dues and Information

Download a copy of the new member application here.

Download a renewal form for existing members here.

Due to increasing costs of doing business the Board of Directors have approved increases in the club dues for all members.  The annual work fee has been incorporated in the annual dues.

The following dues schedule took effect on April 1st,  2017:

Single-Member Dues are $85.00
Family-Member Dues are $110.00
Senior-Member Dues are $35.00
Junior-Member Dues remain at $20.00
Benefactor member dues remain at $500.00

All club members’ dues are renewable on January 1st. every year.  For members whose dues are not paid by January 31st. their key fob will be deactivated until their dues are made current.

You may print out a copy of the membership form by downloading it from the above link, fill it out and return to the club via mail or in person, along with your payment for membership dues.  Membership dues are $60 for a Single membership (one person under 65 years of age), $75 for a Family membership (includes the applicant, their spouse, and children under the age of 21), $30 for a Senior membership (65 years of age and older), $500 for a Life membership, and $20 for a Junior membership (anyone who is a full-time student under the age of 21).  There is also a $25 annual work assessment fee which can be exchanged for the following year’s work assessment fee when the member has worked 8 hours for the club in a calendar year.  Also, currently active members of the United States military are not charged for their membership at the Ontario Rod & Gun Club.

New members – after your acceptance into the club, you will need to complete a range orientation.  These are usually held on the third Saturday of each month all year.  Please go to the calendar page here, to look at orientation dates that may work for you.

Range orientation is a required, one-time training session for all new members before obtaining a key fob to operate the gate. There is a one time fee of $30 (cash or check) payable on orientation day. Arrive before 9:00 AM. There will be some classroom safety training and then a written test. After that, you will go to the range for gun handling safety training. Bring ear and eye protection. Bring one gun in each category of firearm you wish to certify in (rifle and/or handgun), inside a case or holster (downward pointing only), and five rounds of ammunition for each gun. Please leave guns locked in your car until told to retrieve them.

* We regularly get emails or calls from people who have various reasons for wanting to be exempt from attending new member orientation.  Some examples are: I’m in law enforcement, I’m active duty military, I’m already an NRA instructor.  We respect each of these positions, but they do not exempt you from attending orientation.  The purpose of our new member orientation is two-fold: it covers the basics of firearm safety (and it’s never a bad thing to review the basics), but it also covers procedures that are specific to this facility.  So, please be welcomed as a new potential member of ORGC, but understand that we cannot and will not exempt you from orientation.

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