Trap – Prize Shoot Rules

Throughout the year, Ontario Rod & Gun Club will hold a prize shoot event on one of the trap ranges.  This is sometimes referred to as a “Turkey Shoot” as often the prize is a frozen turkey.  Below is a description of the rules of the several contests involved in a prize shoot.

10 Man Prize:

Our most popular game.  The game starts out with ten shooters, two at each of the five stations.  Each shooter will shoot two rounds from each station and then move to the next station, for a total of 10 targets per shooter, 100 targets total.  When each of the two groups of shooters has shot from each of the five stations, the shooting portion of the game is over.

The scores are tallied up, and only the hits are counted.  Inside the clubhouse is a box that contains 100 numbered tiles.  A random tile is pulled and its number represents the winning target.  So, for example, if tile number 32 is pulled, then we count down the score sheet, counting only the hits, until the 32nd target is reached.  Whoever shot that target is the winner and receives the prize.  All participants need only break one target in order to be eligible to win.

In addition to the drawing winner, there is another opportunity to win in this game.  Somewhere randomly placed in the machine is an odd colored target.  If a contestant calls for a target and breaks the odd colored target, he or she will win a prize (typically a frozen chicken).  If he or she misses the odd colored target, his or her name will go up in the clubhouse on the “wall of shame”.

Chair Shoot:

This game is identical to 10 Man Prize, but all contestants must shoot from a seated position.  This is not as easy as you might think!

Miss and Out:

This game is exactly what it sounds like.  You must break every target or you will be out.  Each contestant starts by calling a target on station one at the 16 yard line.  Successfully breaking a target advances the contestant to the 18 yard line at station two.  At station three, the contestant shoots from the 21 yard line.  Station four is from the 25 yard line, and station five is at the 27 yard line.  All surviving contestants must then play follow the leader and must break a target from the same place as the leader until only one survivor remains and is the winner.

Quail Walk:

Quail Walk is an interesting game where the contestant will be given five targets to shoot at, one at a time.  The contestant will start at the 27 yard line of station three.  He or she hollers “ready” and begins walking toward the trap house.  At some point after hollering “ready”, a target will be released.  The contestant must stop, mount the gun and shoot at the target.  This will continue until all five targets have been released.  The fifth target may find the contestant on top of the trap house, making things very interesting.

Wipe Your Eye (Protection):

This is a competition between five two-man teams.  Each team will get two targets from each of the five stations.  The shooter on the left will call for and shoot at the target.  If he or she hits the target, a point is counted.  If the shooter misses the target, his partner can shoot at the target as well.  If the second shooter breaks the target, a point is counted.  However, if the first shooter breaks the target and the second shooter also shoots, it is counted as a lost target.  This continues until all teams have shot all five stations.  The team with the highest score is the winner.

Annie Oakley:

This is a tricky game where each contestant competes on his or her own.  All contestants are lined up in the order in which they signed up on the board.  The first shooter stands on the 25 yard line and calls a target.  If the shooter breaks the target, he or she moves to the back of the line and the next shooter in the line becomes the leader.  If the first shooter misses the target, then the second person in line MUST shoot.  If the second shooter breaks the target, then the first shooter is out.  If the second shooter missed the target, the third shooter in line has the option to shoot.  If the third shooter breaks the target, then the first two shooters are out.  If all three shooters miss the target, the first shooter gets a “free ride” and goes to the back of the line.  This continues until one shooter is left.  That shooter gets the main prize and the second-to-last shooter will also get a prize.

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