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Hello everyone.  The 2016-17 shooting season is almost upon us.  You may access the schedule by clicking on the button below.  I know it says proposed schedule.  This is our actual schedule for the season.  Our first shoot of the year will be at Four Point on September 10-11.  Shooting hours are from 9:00 A.M – 3:00 P.M.  There will also be a change with the Lewis Class this year.  This will be a 1 year trial.  If we like it we will adopt it.  If we don’t we will modify it as needed.  Details can be found below on this page.

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2016-2017 Schedule:

Sept 10 & 11  Four Point

Oct 1 & 2  Ontario,  Stein & Hayes

Oct 15 & 16  Lima Bonbright,  (extra 50 optional targets)

Nov 5 & 6  Mendon

Dec 3 & 4  Holfield,  Stein & Hayes

Jan 7 & 8  Rochester Brooks *

Feb 4 & 5  Newark

Mar 4 & 5  Victor,  Stein & Hayes

Apr 1 & 2  Outlet

May 6 & 7  Walworth,  Trophy Shoot

Shooting hours : 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at all clubs

3 make -ups or shoot-aheads are allowed at any time during the season, 1 per shoot

7 shoots are required to qualify for the trophy shoot and a total of 8 shoots for a free banquet ticket

Free drawing at the November shoot for 1 flat of trap loads.  Must register by Nov. 6th

For the January shoot we will add $100 to the Lewis class and 10 shooters will each win 1 box of trap loads in a free drawing.

For reduced Jr. target cost, Shooter must be less than 18 years old on August 27th.

Free drawing at the banquet for a flat of trap loads for anyone making all 10 shoots.

Drawings for ammo or guns will be in accordance with state and federal laws if required.

Lewis Class for 2016-2017 Season

Lewis Class this season will be optional.  This means you will have to let us know when you sign up if you want to play the Lewis Class.  It will cost $2.00 per shoot.  You may only play the Lewis Class when you shoot for league score.  That means NO Lewis Class while shooting Practice, High Gun Only, Shoot a heads or make ups.  We will have three classes. Each class will pay three places.  Each class will pay 50% – 30% – 20%.  I am going to try paying the Lewis Class winnings after every shoot.  It is my hope to eliminate a lot of end of year work on getting people paid.  As we did last year, each pay out will be rounded off to the nickel.  Sometimes to the highest, sometimes to the lowest.  We just don’t want to overpay the option.  Last season worked out almost perfect.  Any unpaid money will either be paid out at the banquet or used for league expenses.  That will be decided by the directors.

Printable Schedule in Pdf

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