2017-08-26 & 27 ORGC Warrior 3 Gun Match, 10:00 AM


ORGC 2017 Warrior 3 Gun Match

Ontario Rod & Gun Club

Saturday & Sunday, August 26 & 27, 2017, at 10:00am
Lunch & T-shirt included

Safety briefing at 9:30 AM
Squad start times: 10:00 AM
4 Squads on Saturday and 4 Squads on Sunday.
5 Stages  (Click here to access copies of the Stages in Pdf format.)
Cost: $60 per Shooter.
Registration at Practiscorehttps://practiscore.com/orgc-2017-warrior-3-gun-match/register


Practical 308
Unlimited PCC
Practical PCC

Equipment Requirements:

All long guns must have safety flags in them when not in use or in their cart .

Ammunition: Required shot size 7.5 or smaller.  No buck shot.  No steel shot.  Lead only.
No Steel core ammunition is allowed during the match at any time.
Wolf, Tula, Barnaul, etc are not allowed.
Competitors ammunition may be magnet tested at any time to ensure compliance.

Match Rules:  Please refer to the 3 Gun Nation 2017 Rule Book for divisions, match rules, scoring and any details regarding the match.

Match Director:  Keith B0urgeois
Email: keith@teamrangelog.com

Range Officers:   TBD

Ontario Rod and Gun Club
2523 Trimble Road
Ontario, NY 14519
Locate us on Google Maps

This is a Lost Brass match.  The range staff reserves the right to change any stage in part or in whole to ensure that any and all unforeseen issues are promptly addressed for the safety and proper flow of the match.



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